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Travel Nurse Recruiter Training

Sovereign Staffing Solutions offers consultancy services to train your recruiters to be top performers in this competitive market. We work with agencies that are new to travel nursing recruitment or existing agencies that are seeking strategies to develop and train their recruiters, as well as grow their profit margins.

We will train your recruiters on:

  • How to improve sourcing quality candidates, matching candidates to the right position, submission and onboarding.

  • How to build long-term relationships with travel nurses, which is key to repeat business.

  • Referral partnerships, marketing, and value-based recruiting.

  • KPIs, Scorecard, Coaching and the sales process.

  • How to grow your desk “Business within a Business” model to earn $100,000+

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We will work with you to examine where you are currently and create a training program for your organization that will also result in optimal improvement for employee satisfaction, retention and growth.