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Diversity, Inclusivity, Equity

Sovereign Staffing Solutions offers consultancy services to guide your healthcare organization through transparent strategies on promoting diversity, inclusivity, and equity in leadership roles such as Hospital Administrators, Nurse Managers, and Nurse Executive roles. Despite laws and reforms which have been put in place to reduce or eliminate discrimination in the workplace, diversity, inclusion, and equity continue to be an issue at the core in small and large organizations. Many organizations have gained momentum by hiring a “Chief Diversity Officer” or “Director of Inclusion and Diversity,” but many have not been offered the budgets, tools, or support necessary for success in these roles.

Is your healthcare organization ready to become more reflective of the communities it serves? Increasing diversity in healthcare leadership is essential for the delivery and trust necessary to provide care that is culturally sensitive and effective.

According to a report from The National League for Nursing (NLN), Black or African American nurses are mostly limited to direct patient care staff positions. A 2016 survey of 6000 hospitals by the Institute for Diversity in Health Management revealed that minorities made up 14% of hospital board members, 11% of hospital executive leaders, and 19% of first and mid‐level managers.

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Sovereign Staffing Solutions will lead your organization in developing and implementing strategies of authentic diversity, inclusivity, and equity exercises that will create better experiences and outcomes for all stakeholders. We will work with you to examine your current issues or develop a DIE plan for your organization that will also result in optimal improvement for employee satisfaction, retention and growth.