A Patient-Centered Care Approach

Patient-Centered Care is a model of care approach around the patient’s needs and preferences and include family members and the healthcare team. The success of a Patient-Centered Care approach starts at the bedside and is achievable when staff expertise, clinical excellence and safety measures are in place 24/7.

All hospital staff, volunteers and contractors are powerful resources in achieving overall success. However, a collective commitment to providing Patient-Centered Care also includes the leadership team, patients, families and the community.

In response to the shift toward patient-centered care, the Biomedical Research Institute at BWH recently established the Patient-Centered Comparative Effectiveness Research Center (PCERC). Patient-centered outcomes research, also known as “comparative effectiveness research,” focuses on identifying which of the existing treatment options will work best for patients. Studying the effectiveness of these treatment options (medical devices, surgeries, medications, etc.), researchers can determine which may most benefit patients and which may pose the most risk. By publishing the results of these studies, researchers hope patients, caregivers and their physicians will have the necessary information to make better-informed health care decisions that take into account patient preferences.

“Patients and their health issues motivate the research community to find optimal treatments. Patient-centered outcomes research puts the patient ‘front and center’ to ensure that their questions are answered,” says Dr. Dan Solomon, BWH Chief of Clinical Sciences, Department of Rheumatology, and Co-director for the PCERC.

- See more at: http://healthhub.brighamandwomens.org/what-patient-centered-care-means-for-you#sthash.3ibPV8zT.ayJVlXOo.dpu


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