Sovereign Staffing Solutions is a permanent placement staffing company that is focused on changing the staffing dynamics in the nursing industry by promoting diversity, inclusivity, and a equity within healthcare organizations. Our main goal is to connect nursing personnel including the new RN grad to the nurse executive level, with reputable employers in hospitals and other medical facilities across the US. We are committed to providing qualified patient-centered quality candidates with employers that promote Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity. 


We pride ourselves in our ability to recruit, screen, select, and recommend the most qualified nursing staff to suit the specific position at all levels in the nursing career.

With our knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry and nursing recruitment, we understand each client’s need for the best-suited professional to fill their vacant position. With virtual access to databases of nursing professionals, we are able to fill each staffing request in a timely manner with cost-effective staffing solutions.


Our recruiting solutions also include reference and background checks, employment verification, education, certifications, specialty evaluations.

What We Do